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I am an artist living in the Wollindilly Shire, NSW. I live with my husband and daughter on our small 5 acre property along with our beautiful old dog, and two horses. 

Drawing has always been a passion of mine since as long as long as I can remember. My Nana gave me my first set of brushes while I was in primary school and so my love of watercolours emerged. I am self taught and like most artists can be very critical of my own work but enjoy the process of all my happy accidents.

I started riding when I was around 12 years of age, and my parents thinking it was just a young girl phase were sorely disappointed when my passion only grew stronger so my childhood and teenage years mainly consisted of riding and drawing or painting horses. If I wasn’t on a horse I was drawing one. 

I did go to college and earn a Diploma in Interior Design but decided it was not for me and found any job I could where I could be working with horses or dogs. During this time I would compete at the lower levels of dressage. I have worked with some pretty amazing animal trainers. I spent 7 years working for elite Olympian Eventer Shane Rose before leaving to have my daughter. 

I am now concentrating more on my artwork. Putting all that passion onto paper, capturing the strength of the horse in the definition of the muscles the softness of the eyes, their quirky natures. I would love to help you capture the uniqueness of your own horse,dog or whatever your special pet maybe. 

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